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Oct. 12, 2015

New condos in Wailea! Keala O Wailea


I would like to introduce you all to this brand new complex "Keala O Wailea". This complex will be completed in 2017.

Your can choose from 3 floor plans, which are 2bed/2bath, 3bed/2bath, 3bed/2.5bath penthouse. (1248sqft-1715sqft)

All unit has ocean view!



*These photos are from brochure. I am sorry about quality.

The floor plan on left is 3 bed/2 bath corner units A and C. One in the middle is floor plan D and B 2 bed/2 bath 1241sqft $779,000~. The one on right is third floor penthouse 3 bed/2.5 bath plan.

 This complex will be located in between Wailea Gateway, which include Monkeypod kitchen, a chocolate shop called Sweet Paradise, and Old Blue Golf Club. Many restaurants, golf courses, white sand beaches, shops,  and salons are all close by.



This condominium will not allow vacation rentals, so you would not have to deal with many tourists checking in and checking out, nor meet many tourists with suits cases in the elevator.

There are only 7 buildings and 70 units in this condo! Right now, about 3/5  are reserved. You can still choose, and up grade your dream unit.

Amenities include:

- Community center with panoramic views of the coast line

- Exercise room with a lanai

- Pool with rockscape and spa

- 2,500 sq ft deck

- Covered pavilion with kitchen and BBQ facilities

- Gated community

- Guest Intercom

- Nearby Shopping & Dining

Thank you for reading.

Hiro Ward


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Sept. 8, 2015

New Listing! Beautiful estate in Lower Kula


I got a new listing!

It's a beautiful estate in Lower Kula, close to Longs Drug in Pukalani. location location location!

It's got all amenities that Kula has to offer, including an epic view plenty of space and privacy. You can enjoy a quiet country feeling.  However, not like all the other Kula listings, it's not cold, and close to town. You can expect to see rainbows over the house when you drive home in the afternoon. Of course you often can see rainbows toward the west Maui mountain side on bi-coastal view.

This house is well loved and taken care of. It's very clean and  smells like wood.

Tennis court and sauna looks brand new. This sale includes furniture, kitchenware, ping pong/pool table set, security system, BBQ grill, yard  tools, miscellaneous power tools and more. There is space for your guest too.

*This phone number is my office. you can also try to call my cell; 808.264.9967

6.6acres, 4bed/2bath, +family room, lofts, spa house, sauna, tennis court



The best farmers market on Maui is held very close to this house.

You can find "Local Organic" fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs from happy hens, fresh caught fish, local honey and more. All are sold here.


Beautiful Upcountry sunset from Pukalani park.


There is one more attractive listing in Kula I wanted to share with you.

This is a modern house, like a new condo you might find in Tokyo or New York,  on a country estate.

From the living area, there is a view of West Maui Mountains and south side coast, then a Haleakala view. You can also see  goats and deer too! Yes, I'm serious. Big sliding French doors bring plenty sun light in.

I liked this big gap of modern vs country balance.

The beautiful kitchen offers a custom walnut cabinet/fridge with a cafe-style  espresso machine. All lighting, knobs, and faucets are really cute.

Piliwale LivingRm

Piliwale Kitchen

Piliwale exterior

Piliwale DeckView


3bed/2.5bath, $1,700,000


Thank you for reading!

Please ask me about Maui real estate.

Hiroko Ward



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July 31, 2015

Kapalua Golf Villas


I visited several vacation rentable condo in Kapalua this week.

I think this unit has a great value for the price!

Kapalua Golf Villas 15T7,8 1beds/2bath $600,000

This unit has never been vacation rented, well taken care of, well loved unit. Current owner uses only a couple months a year when they come to Maui. When this unit is vacant, the owner asks care taker to open windows to change air every week!

This unit offers beautiful view of golf course, 30% ocean view. You will never miss the best sunset in the world.

This one unit can divide in living room, kitchen, bathroom/ bedroom and bathroom, each rooms has separate entrance. Outside deck has access from living room and bedroom.

When you have your extended family or a friend visit, that would keep a nice distance.

photo.7.29.15e photo.7.29.15d photo.7.29.15c photo.7.29.15b photo.7.29.15


Property owners in Kapalua have great benefit!

*Airport shuttle service.

*Shuttle service to close by restaurants.

*Discount rate for golf.


Kapalua ownership is very suitable for some of you who don't want to Rent-a-car and drive while you are in vacation. 2 Golf courses, cafes, and restaurants are all in walking distance.


July 4, 2015

Affordable Kihei Condo: Kamaole Sands + Haleakala National Park


Maui's summer has been very beautiful with blue skies and the turquoise ocean.

I took kids to Haleakala National Park and camped overnight. Haleakala is my favorite spot in Maui.

There is a camp site called "Hosmer's Grove" right after the entrance gate. This camp site does not require reservation nor fee other than entrance fee to the park.

We normally come to Hosmer's, set up a tent, and then go up more to enjoy sunset.

Haleakala is famous for it's sunrise, however, I personally like the sunset even better.

The sun sank down into cloud that was steeped in reds and vermillion oranges. The color changed every second. It was breath taking.


*The summit of Haleakala can be very cold


Since I had a great refreshing weekend, I was very motivated to work!

I had a chance to check many of Kamaole Sands units this week. Kamaole Sands is a popular vacation-rentable condominium just across the street from Kamaole Beach Park. I would like to introduce 3 units that I think are the best value.


Building 8-#306, 1bed/2bath, $385,000

Not particularly new remodeled or anything special. However, the price is very attractive.

Very clean with a nice ocean view as well. The best of all among this price range.
10-#403, 2bed/2bath, $699,000

I personally like building 10 the most since it feels closest to water.

From elevator to this unit, I could enjoy a view of Kahoolawe island.

Seller's agent E prepared flowers for visitors!

There is a cute kitchen and bathroom remodel, 90% ocean view from lanai. It comes furnished!

photo.7.4.15i photo.7.4.15j




10-#306, 1bed/2bath, $519,000

Building 10, 3rd floor unit.

Nice ocean view as well as garden with fountain view.

photo.7.4.15b photo.7.4.15c photo.7.4.15d photo.7.4.15e


Questions about Maui's Real Estate?


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June 25, 2015

Pukalani golf course view house + Kula Bistro


I visited a gorgeous new listing in Pukalani.

What makes upcountry living attractive?  I get this question many times. Upcountry is further away from the sandy beaches, nice restaurants, shopping options elsewhere on Maui. However, I love living Upcountry. I like views of that Upcountry can offer. I feel at home.

This house is right next to Pukalani Golf course. The golf course view is not bad. The lawn in front is always green! The house is so bright with lots of windows.  A sliding glass door from living room leads to the outdoor deck with nice views. It's really unique in that you cannot see any other rooftops. So private!

271 Kaualani Dr.  4bed/3bath $979,000

photo.6.23.15aphoto.6.23.15photo.6.23.15h photo.6.23.15i photo.6.23.15g photo.6.23.15e photo.6.23.15d photo.6.23.15b

There is a fruiting mango tree and hot tub.
Also, a cute cat.?not included, of course?


Rarely found 2 shower heads.


After open house, my friends and I had coffee & brunch at Kula Bistro.  This place used to be Cafe 808. New manager changed everything. It's great for a lunch and dinner, or coffee and treats. Their creme brulee is amazing!

photo.6.23.15j photo.6.23.15k

Please ask me about Maui's Real Estate. Mahalo,

May 1, 2015

What is Lease Hold property in Maui?


Real Estate Agent Hiro from Maui.

I would like to introduce this Lease Hold property today.

Milowai  #103?$199,000??bed??bath

What's Lease Hold?

Lease Hold means you are the beneficial owner of a property as long as your lease is active. The term of the lease can be different depending on the property. You can rent the property out, short term or long term, or you can enjoy living in the unit. After your lease expires, it's not going to be yours.  Then, what happens?

There are possible cases:

1.  You might have another 30 year lease.

2.  You might be able to purchase it as fee simple property with a good price.

3.  The land owner might take the property back.

This particular property has a monthly land rent of $432 and maintenance fee of $482.55.  There are 23 years left on the lease.

I had never thought lease hold properties were attractive since there was a chance that the owner could take over after the lease expired. Furthermore, isn't it going to be harder to sell as with fewer lease years left on property?

However, once I visited the property in person, I discovered some positive points.

There is a 5 star ocean view and price is really attractive compared to other ocean front fee simple units. This is an ocean front & ocean view condo in Maui $199,000!!



It comes furnished so you can put this in rental market right away.

photo.4.23.15a photo.4.23.15b photo.4.23.15d

It is super close to a beautiful swimming pool and BBQ area. How about ocean view BBQ?

Excellent location as Kihei, Lahaina, Kahului are all within 20 minutes. Multiple choices of white sandy beaches. Many sea turtles live right off the shore. ( I saw at least 20 this day. I got so excited just like a tourist.)

photo.4.23.15fphoto.4.23.15e photo.4.23.15g photo.4.23.15h

Please ask me about Maui's Real Estate including Lease Hold properties.


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April 15, 2015

Fabiani's in Kihei

Aloha ~

My client wanted me to come to mortgage company with her today.

I don't normally do this since I don't have to know about clients' financial situation. Once I know,  I always keep it confidential.

Everything got clear and client was really happy to know that she was eligible for more than she thought.

So.... we went to Fabiani's at Lipoa St. for breakfast. We enjoyed planning next showings.


*waffle+ berry sauce, coconut oil, maple syrup. Salted caramel was covered with whip cream and ice cream.


Have a happy day~


Please ask me about Maui's real estate.

Hiroko Ward 808-264-9967



Aloha マウイ島からヒロです。








Have a happy day~




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March 5, 2015

Target opening on Maui

Target Kahului is having it's Grand Opening on March 8th.

Today was their pre-opening day.

The whole store/parking were packed.

It didn't feel like Maui...


photo.3.4.15a photo.3.4.15b




photo.3.4.15photo.3.4.15a photo.3.4.15b









photo.3.4.15photo.3.4.15a photo.3.4.15b


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March 4, 2015

Interior coordinator's unit

This complex "Island Surf" is located just across the street from Kalama beach park.

Only one available unit now is unit #200. Well nicely remodeled by an interior coordinator.

All of these cute furniture is included in sale price! $450,000

photo.2.20.15a photo.2.20.15g

2bed/2bath can be divided into two separate 1bed/1bath units.

You can use as 2bed/2bath, or you use 1bed/1bath and rent 1bed/1bath out for a tenant, a business, or vacation renters.  Or you can rent both units out. Lots of potential!

photo.2.20.15h photo.2.20.15i


There are several restaurant choices within walking distance.

One of my favorite "Joy's Place" is located at ground floor of Island Surf building.

Their "Live nut burger" is delicious!






2bedrooms/2bathrooms は鍵付きのドアで2つの 1bed/1bathユニットにわけても使えます。一つに住んで、一つを貸す(長期/短期両方ともOK)か、2ベッドルームで広々使うか、もしくは一つをビジネスとして使う(貸す)ことも、さらに2つに分けて賃貸する大家さんにもなれます。今のオーナーさんは2つに分けて両方を長期で賃貸にして、一ヶ月に$3400収入があります。




徒歩圏にあるいくつものレストランのうち、私のお気に入りはアイランドサーフの一階にある"Joy's Place" 。


photo.3.3.15 photo.3.3.15a




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Feb. 5, 2015

The Ritz-Carlton Residences Kapalua

" Complementing Kapalua's natural beauty, The Ritz-Carlton in not only defined by sophisticated style and luxurious finishes, but also by its legendary service." by-The Ritz-Carlton Residences Kapalua

The Ritz-Carlton Residences Kapalua started to take reservation from January 30th.
I went to their launch event on the same day.

Here are my co-workers/friends Christie (left) and Susie (right).


38 out of 75 residences were reserved within 2 hours!

We could check out #1717/1719. 1323sq.ft. living area/270sq.ft. lanai, 2 master suite rooms, Honolua Bay/mountain view.

$1,699,888. Please see layout picture.
2 stove tops are added to very left end of counter top, easy use pull-out refrigerator & freezer, espresso maker, island style furnitures, etc. are included. In addition to that, Ritz-Carlton is going to offer $110,973* closing fee, plus, gift of $10,000 resort credit which you can use at Spa and restaurants, to the buyers.

photo.2.4.15photo.2.4.15b photo.2.4.15d photo.2.4.15e photo2.4.15f photo.2.4.15g photo.2.4.15hphoto.2.4.15l

Cabinets color can be light like this sample.


20+ realtors were at this living room.


*credit amount may vary each unit

~How to make this dream residence all yours~
Please contact me, see which floor plan you can choose;)
If you would like to reserve a unit...
Within 30 days of the initial selection, the potential buyer must provide proof of financial ability to purchase. Buyer should anticipate going to contract on April 20, 2015 with a 30% deposit and closing in around 30 days thereafter.


As always, thank you for reading my blog. Please email me about Maui's real estate.






photo.2.4.15bphoto.2.4.15photo.2.4.15c"カパルアの自然美を完全にするザ•リッツ•カールトンは、洗練されたスタイルとラグジュアリーな装いだけでなく、伝説ともいわれるサービスによって特徴づけられています。" by-The Ritz-Carlton Residences Kapalua







居面積122.91㎡/バルコニー25.08㎡、ホノルアベイビュー/マウンテンビュー、でお値段$1,699,888。 今回のレジデンスには、電気クックトップが2つ、使い勝手の良さそうな引き出し式の冷蔵庫&冷凍庫、エスプレッソメーカー、アイランドスタイルな家具の数々、等が含まれています。しかも、リッツカールトンが購入諸費用のうち$110,973*を負担し、さらにさらに、$10,000のレストランやスパで使えるリゾートクレジットをプレゼントしてくれるそう〜。

photo.2.4.15photo.2.4.15b photo.2.4.15d photo.2.4.15e photo2.4.15f photo.2.4.15g photo.2.4.15hphoto.2.4.15l
















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