Hiroko Ward


Maui is one of the best places to live in the world. Every time there is more to discover. It's something I want to share with everyone.
I love hiking the mountains, surfing the ocean, eating fresh organic local fruits for breakfast, and watching gorgeous sunsets with a nice drink. More than anything, I like raising my children in a cleaner environment.

Let me help you find your dream home.

Live Aloha, Love Maui.



Toll Free Phone: 800-913-9803
Mobile: 808-264-9967
Office Phone: 808-875-7000
Fax Line: 808-875-7075
Email: hiro@mauihomesdirect.com
Website: www.mauihomesdirect.com
Languages: Japanese, Chinese, English

1995 Studied in Oregon
1998 Lived in Beijing
2006 Moved to maui from Tokyo